At TiTa Apps, we specialise in turning ideas into awesome products and solutions. Got an idea?


We help startups, brands and businesses with their technology needs, i.e. developing new technology solutions and supporting existing ones. Some of the services we specialise in are mentioned below.

Apps Development (Web/Mobile)

We work with our clients to understand their business requirements and develop products and solutions to fulfil them.

Consulting & Support

We provide exceptional technology consulting and support services to businesses helping them identifying technology trend and solution to improve business efficiency.

Products Development

While we thoroughly enjoy working with our customers, we also like to indulge in developing our own products for fun. You can find some cool products in the portfolio below.


Play Tambola Online

Online Tambola Multiplayer

Using this Android and iOS mobile app with over 100K downloads & 4+ star rating, users can play Tambola online with any number of players without needing the physical board and tickets.

Trade Central - Trading Journal Software

Trade Central

Trade Central is a free trading journal application using which traders and investors can log, track and analyze their trades in stocks, forex, cryptocurrencies or any other asset class.

Quosera Q&A Platform

Quosera Q&A Platform

Using Quosera, one can create Quora style Q&A website for any purpose, e.g. general purpose Q&A site, internal Q&A portal or Knowledge Base for enterprises.